Team Development Programs

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.” ~ Andrew Carnegie

There are many factors that make a team successful: trust, communication, accountability, and commitment are just a few of them. The ultimate success of a team lies in the drive toward a common vision. Over time, teams can lose sight of this vision, which can lead to fractionalization, decreased morale and ultimately, lower performance. Our program is designed to refocus team members on their common vision through relevant activities and discussion. This hands-on learning approach has proven time and time again to turn groups of individuals into high-performing, cohesive units.



Community Service Team Programs:

Bring your team together by sharing in a community service project!

Program Option 1: Backpack Stuffing

Teams compete to fill backpacks with school supplies for local children in need. Backpacks are donated to a Charlotte-area school, non-profit or charity of your choice. Everyone is a winner in this team challenge!

Program Option 2: Bike Building

Teams are provided with bicycle parts and tools for assembly. No prior engineering experience required – our team of facilitators will be on-hand to assist with the building process. Bicycles are donated to a local non-profit or charity of your choice.

Holiday-themed Program:

Get your team in the spirit of the season with a stocking-stuffing challenge. Teams race to fill stockings with items for children in need. Stockings will be donated to a local children’s charity or charity of your choice.